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Condominium insurance is developed to shield you from things that can harm your condo, personal property, or hurt you financially. We offer comprehensive coverage for your owner occupied or rental condominium. This can be your main residence or rented to others.

Condominium insurance coverages that offer peace of mind

Policies typically include liability coverage and replacement property coverage for your individual condo unit, detached structures, personal property and additional living costs all bundled in one package price. We insure your condo in as small as 1-4 unit buildings or up to 5+ unit buildings.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

Standard Coverage

The following are typically covered under a condominium insurance policy:

  • Replacement property coverage for your individual condo unit
  • Detached structures
  • Your personal possessions
  • Additional living costs
Optional Coverages

You may wish to consider adding these additional insurance coverages:

  • Antiques
  • Cell Phones and Home Electronics
  • Coins
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Fine Art
  • Furs
  • Golf Equipment
  • Guns
  • Jewelry
  • Recreational vehicles such as ATV's
  • Service Line
  • Snowmobiles
  • Stamp Collections
  • Tools
  • UTVs
  • Etc...

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